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Feel very free to fill the contact me privately ,Dr Assan will privately respond to you via email or phone call.


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 Contact me about your situation and what kind of spell you want. I will then direct you in the right direction.It is better for you to email me before you purchase any spell on my website because everyone situations are different and some are more complex than others and you may need a custom spell done.Be very detailed in the message about your situation and what you are looking for this will help me better assist you in what you need and i can quote you a price if more things are needed for your ritual

Once you have send your message , you will receive an automated confirmation. If you don’t please check your spam, filters and retrieve it.

I always respond to all *genuine* messages, though i sometimes take a day or three.  sending multiple messages asking the same thing won’t speed the process up. Be patient.

Messages begging me to work for free (or offering me payment at a later date) will always be ignored.