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  • Good luck spell for money, job

    Magic spells are very famous for few specific spells, like love spells, money spells and of course luck spells, today we will discuss some good luck spell for money, job, etc… A good luck is what we all desire to have, we all want to have good luck when it comes to money, job or any other things, hence today let me first brief you a little with the knowledge of good luck spells and why they are casted and then I will be mentioning some good luck spells which you can cast yourself for a good luck.

    Luck is considered to be a very important factor no matter it is our daily life or any special occasion. Thus we need luck to be always on our side. At times we find that luck is not favoring us and this kind of times are when we need luck the most hence at this times what we need is a good luck spell, now like I already said good luck spell can be for anything it can be for money or for a job or for anything special. Good luck spell for money will increase our good luck when it comes to acquiring money, probably using methods or techniques of gambling or betting or at the casino or just a mere lotto draw, whatever it might be when it comes to getting money a good luck spell for money always gives us an upper hand to draw money near to us. Similarly a good luck spell for job would give us an upper hand when it comes to job related stuffs like getting a good job, or getting a hike in present job or might be getting recognized by seniors and being recommended in a job.

    A good luck spell for money, job, etc… generally are casted by experienced and learned spell caster who would listen to your problem and then design a specific good luck spell as per your need and requirement, however as said above below you will find two different good luck spell one each for money and one for job which you can cast for yourself and let good luck hold your hand.

  • Good luck spell for money

    You would require a gold coin and a silver coin, you would also require some luck oil, put three drops of luck oil on the head side of each gold coin and silver coin, then stick the head side of both the coins together, hold both the coins firmly with both your thumb fingers and cast the below spell thrice, perform this spell for twelve continuous days starting a new moon day and perform it twice every day exactly at twelve a.m. and twelve p.m. once the spell is complete you will have to make a hole on the coin and slide a black thread on the coin and wear it on your neck as an amulet, after wearing the amulet go and try your luck with money matters like betting or playing at a casino and see how your luck supports you.

    “Luck Luck be my bug
    Mutusi mucumlusum
    Levisotus bringumusum.”

  • Good luck spell for job

    This good luck spell for job would help you get through any kind of interview, so if this is your first job interview or even if this is going to be your Internal Job Posting (IJP) interview, make sure to cast the spell right before the day you are going to be called for the interview or sit for the interview questionnaires, or interview exams.

    You would need to first place the dress which you would be wearing for your interview on the next day, place it on a red chart paper and cover it with red rose petals, you would also need a bottle of rose water and some blueberry incense sticks. After placing your dress on the red chart paper, light up the blueberry incense sticks and keep it on the middle of the dress, make sure your dress is already covered with red rose petals, then sprinkle rose water on your dress so that each part of your dress gets the fragrance of the rose water. Then cast the below spell thrice or multiples of three until the incense sticks blows off, wear the same clothes next morning when getting ready for interview, pray to the almighty to give you success and help your spell give you effect step outside and do not turn back for any reason.

    “azanthurus vipathinus
    Culuculu cusutum
    Itotun ilolum hocus
    Focus focus focus hocus
    Monetary nutiti itimilichi.”

  • Spell to break-up a relationship between two lovers

    Are you in love? Or do you think it is just an infatuation?

    If you think it is an infatuation but still cannot get out of the relationship due to social objections and defame. Then the best way is to cast a black magic spell to break up your relationship with your lover.

    Let us take another scenario as well here because the spell I am going to talk about in the later part of this article works well with this other scenario that I am going to tell you now, but first do you think you are in love with a person who is already loving someone else, and that you cannot deviate that person’s mind from his / her lover and put it to think about you, and to love you and only you, then what you need is to cast a black magic spell to break up a relationship between two lovers.

    Next what I am going to talk about is how you can cast such a spell, but before I do that I would suggest that you take help from a professional rather than attempting to do it yourself. Even if you envy one of your friend by looking at the love affair he / she has then also you can cast this black magic spell.

    What you need to do is bring in a pair of fruit bat, wait understand this I am not talking about a bat made of fruit but am talking about a specific breed rather species of bat known as mega bats, there are a lot of kind when we talk about mega bat and fruit bat is one of them, they are large and huge with big eyes and are mostly found in the tropical part of any country. So now if you have understood on what you need to bring then go for it, buy a pair of fruit bat, when I say pair I mean one has to be male and the other a female.

    You also need to buy fifteen liters of coconut water, 12 Oz of black sesame seeds and some light adhesive to stick those bats together. Once you have all what is required then first thing you need to do is tie the mouth of both the bats then open their wings wide apart and tie them together using only black color strings, knots should be such that they do not open up quickly but when put in some effort gets loosen up.

    Once you have tied the wings of both the bats together you will see that both bats are facing in opposite direction. Then put the light adhesive, the black sesame seeds in between those bats so that they stick together then tie the legs as well in the same manner you did for the wings.

    Once done dip the bats in a bowl full of coconut water, this should be done around 6 am in the morning and right after twenty four hours has passed by, hold them in your hand go to some lonely place or jungle area where after you leave this bats they do not get killed by any means. Once you reach a desired place which matches the above condition recite the below written spell 9 times and leave the bats in the place where you have recited the spell.

  • Spell to Bring Back an Ex-Lover

    To begin with is the spell to bring back an ex-lover – well almost all of us fell in love which is infatuation, but later go deep into it so much that we are not able to get back to the original world by ourselves, and in the midst of all this suddenly we find that we have been ditched or our lover leaves us for some or the other reason. If it is the same scenario with you, then read carefully on what I write below and perform the spell, you will have your past as your present and future, forever.

    The spell is simple, but to cast it, you need to please Lord Venus, to do so, there are few things you require, and to acquire those things there are special days as well in the lunar calendar, ok, please note this I am talking about the lunar calendar which means the days and nights would be decided as per the movement of the moon and not as per the movement of the sun. Choose a full moon night on the twenty first lunar weeks, and exactly when the clock states 12:12:12, you should get hold of a sea fish, a river fish and a chameleon. If you miss this opportunity then wait for the next cycle, so prepare yourself beforehand to conquer the opportunity and not let it pass by.

    Once you have the three mentioned animals, keep them in a big bowl containing water, make sure that the sea fish does not eat the river fish and that all three animals are alive. Bring one dozen roses of each black, blue, red, and purple and take the petals out from the stem – putting them in the same big bowl of water where the animals are kept. Stir the water exactly 5 times, while remembering your ex-lover, then pour 13 Oz of dragon oil in the bowl, stir it again but this time double the count of the first time, well, I mean this time you need to stir it for 10 times and make sure you are enchanting your ex-lover’s name slowly.

    You are done with the stirring part, now let the water calm down, and while it does, lit up seven red color candles and 5 black color candles around the bowl, keeping in mind that the candles are so close to the bowl and each other that the heat of the fire produced warms the bowl and makes all other candle grow small and melt as quickly as possible.

    In an hour’s time you will see all candles have melted and the residue wax is left on the floor, take the residue wax, all of them ok, and put all of them in this bowl to prepare the final part of your mixture. When offering your wax inside the bowl enchant “Oh Lord of Venus, I offer the soft part of me to you, mixed with more soft part of earth, listen to my wishes and grant me thy lover” – this should be said with each wax you pour in, to be more specific you need to say this 12 times.

    As soon as you see all the 12 wax are floating, then use a serving spoon to take out a spoon full water, keep a picture of you and yours ex-lover, a picture were both of you are together holding hands or kissing each other, sprinkle little water on the picture and enchant “Venus – god of love, take my offering and give me my lover, give thy him to me so that we be one forever”. You need to do this until dusk, and as soon as you hear the first sound of a bird or the cock doodling, stop your action. You need to continue this every week of the same day when you have begun it for seven times, keep sprinkling and repeating the steps, and once you are done with your ritual on the 7th week then you would realize that your ex-lover is trying to reach you or meet you because your ex wants to come back to your present.

  • Spell to get revenge and Make your ex-lover suffer

    Have you been ditched or dumped by your lover? You are hurt… for you did everything you can to keep up to your love but still your ex-lover left you in pain. Your ex-lover fell in love with your closest friend or was cheating on you. Now is the time to take revenge, do not worry at all my friend, read my article below to find the black magic spell to get revenge and make your en-lover suffer for whatever he / she did with you.

    You need a green color chalk, probably a dozen of them and half a dozen blue color chalk, around 29 dozen black rose petals and twenty nine dozen hibiscus petals, a bottle of rose water (concentrated one). Start by drawing a big hexagon on the floor of your room using the green color chalk, should be such made that when you stand inside the hexagon, then your shadow falls outside, on each tip of the hexagon light up green candles and cover the tip or the joint points with black rose petals.

    In the middle of the hexagon where you would stand write the name of your ex-lover and keep his picture – make sure the picture used should have only your ex-lover and no one else with him / her, not even you along and should be a full length picture of your ex-lover.

    As soon as it is dawn time, stand inside the hexagon and enchant the below written spell x times while crushing the name of your ex-lover and his picture, every time you rub one character from the name, you sprinkle a little rose water and hibiscus petals in the place of the rubbed off alphabet.

    Now, the number of time you need to enchant the spell depends on the length of the full name of your lover, for example if your lover’s name is JOHN KNIGHT then you have to enchant the spell ten times. Also do keep in mind that since you would be doing this during the dawn hour, hence you need to be sure that your casting of spell and the ritual is over before the cock doodles.

    If cock doodles and your spell is not over for any reason then you need to do the whole ritual all over again. On the third day from the day you would perform this spell, you will surely hear some news of your ex-lover which will let you know that your ex-lover is in pain or is suffering for something, might be health is down or might be financial loss, it can be anything that will take away his / her mental and or physical peace forever.


  • Spell to have a successful professional career

    Urumurayee wande partaya
    Toom toom toom
    Partya wande urumurayee
    Toom toom toom

    Do you have a job? Or are you jobless? Do you fail all interviews? Do you get rejected when interviewed? Or you might be working hard for years now but do not get a promotion? If the answer to any of the above is a YES then read below to understand on how you can cast a black magic spell for a successful professional career.

    I have already written the spell above, now I would describe on how you have to cast this. The very first thing you need is the day, the best day or let me say the lucky day of the week for you. Take help from an astrologer or send me your birth details and I will let you know the lucky day for you and the lucky color.

    What you need to do is on your lucky day as per astrology, wear cloths depicting your lucky color, when I mean wear cloths then whatever you wear be it shirt, trouser, inner wear socks, stockings everything should be resembling your lucky color, even your shoes. You also need to put the same color nail polish and change your hair color, by a white pigeon and use the same color paint to color the pigeon.

    Now that you have all what is required, draw a pentagon inside a circle, big enough so that you can stand or sit inside the pentagon, which is drawn inside the circle.

    Sit or stand inside the pentagon, take a piece of paper on one side of the paper write the spell given above, and on the other side write the achievements you want in your career. Roll the paper and put it inside a scroll, then cut your left hand’s little finger (also known as ladies finger), fill the scroll box with your blood then seal the mouth with wax.

    Take the pigeon in your hand and tie the scroll on the neck of the bird, then drip 4 drop of your blood from your little finger on the head of the bird. Then again recite the spell 21 times, but this time you need to jump every time you say the word TOOM, which means you need to jump 6 times per spell casted hence you need to jump a total of 126 times during the ritual, the higher you jump, more quickly success would reach you.

    When your casting of spell is over, then let the pigeon fly away, do not worry it would come back to you in a few days’ time, but it has to fly away from you, if it sits or does not fly then you need to perform the ritual again with a new pigeon. Also when it comes back, you need to check and see if the scroll attached in the neck is there or not, if the scroll is not there, then you bet to get success and whatever you wrote in the scroll related to your professional career, but if the pigeon comes back with the scroll, then you need to perform the whole ritual again from starting.

    Have a successful career ahead!!!

    Urumurayee wande partaya
    Toom toom toom
    Partya wande urumurayee
    Toom toom toom

  • Love Spells are Available Online

    Magic is known to be one of the most powerful forces that you can ever see in this world. However, magic is not like the ones that we used to see in some shows where it can happen all of a sudden because some just happen to have one, and nowadays, there are some free black magic love spells that you can even check out on your computer. The real magic that’s in this world is a powerful force that can help us get something that we want for good or for bad, but in a way where you need the right materials and the right mindset and actions to do so. There are lots of free black magic love spells that were being done since the past years and ancient times, and it has been labeled as evil back then, while only a few know of the real magic nowadays.

    Magic is known to be a cause of many things as well, and this can also involve love. It’s a well known fact that the power of love can be associated with magic because it’s so mysterious, we always wonder why we have power and energy whenever we’re passionate with what we’re doing just like courting a woman that a man really likes. This is a mysterious force, and that’s why the field of magic happens to have easy ways to make someone fall in love with the aid of it. There are two types of magic: white and black, and what we’re going to talk about is how to use these free black magic love spells.

    Magic is Now Online

    It’s a well known fact to other people that black magic has became a family tradition that some pass it on to the succeeding generation, while some people just accidentally stumbled and got interested with it- whether it was kept as a secret from them by their parents, or whether they just saw it in the lowest and last parts of the library. It’s a great thing that there’s the internet to access information in an easy way, and we all know that the internet is known to be one of the most useful ways to connect to many people.

    With this feature, this made people share information in a very easy way. Nowadays, there are lots of free black magic love spells that can be used if you have the materials or if you can purchase the needed materials to do so. This is a great thing to have, and it’s amazing to know that some of the people that are knowledgeable about magic are starting to post some stuff on the internet to share to other people that believe the feat.

    The internet guarantees you that there are lots of sites with huge databases of magic spells, whether it’s a basic kind or not and there are even communities of these people that love to talk about magic and the different methods involved in black magic. Some of these people even volunteer to share some free black magic love spells because they know well that magic is free in the world, and must be shared to other people that only believe in its concept. Check Reviews for More Information

    It’s also a well known fact, and it’s also wise to know that reviews are the best basis for you to believe in some stuff on the web, and this can be used for your own safety as well if you’re not sure about the information. This will be a good basis for you to know whether the magic is right or not because these people also share information on the internet, and they can tell whether it’s good or not. This also includes the products that the magic site can sell.

  • A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to Black Magic Beauty Spells

    Do you want to lose weight really fast? Do you want to change the color of your eyes? Do you want to be the most beautiful person in the eyes of all people out there? Well, there is nothing for you to worry about that, as there are so many Black Magic Beauty spells that you can use.

    Using black magic has been one of the most common alternatives of many people in order to get the beauty that they want and you are also free to make use of it depending on your needs and preferences. Many believers have the habit of relying on this method in order to get what they want, especially with regards to seemingly unreachable things. These spells might be a bit hard to grasp when you first encounter them, but they do come in handy for some people who know how to utilize them in the right way.

    In this guide, you will get started on the different spells you can use.

    Before You Use Black Magic

    Even before you totally use the different Black Magic Beauty spells that could possibly suit your needs; there are some important things that you have to know and keep in your mind. Those are the following below:
    Free Beauty Spells

    Changing Your Eye Color Spell

    Have you ever dreamt of changing the color of your eye? Do you want to do this naturally? Well, using this beauty spell could help and guide you with this. This spell is meant to help you change the color of your eyes to your preferred coloring. Most people want their beauty to be enhanced, and this simple spell can be used to help with that.

    Things to Prepare:

    First, let us get started on the different things you have to prepare for this kind of spell. There are only some things that you have to prepare which includes the following below: Two Small White Candles and One Big White Candle Paper and Paper Plates Blood and Marker Prepare Your Eyes, Body and Face A Clean Floor

    Reminder: This is one of the Black Magic Beauty spells that is really simple, but you can expect that you are going to have a slight headache and feel like a little bit sick because of your eyes. You may surely feel that you would not want to open it and feel heavy. It would be best to avoid opening it for about a minute.

    The Instructions:

    1. Start lighting the different candles you have and set the big white candle on the plates
    2. Put the small candles on the side and the top of the bottom.
    3. There will be a possible blue or green dot that you are going to find as 10 minutes passes by
    4. Close your eyes and chant the incantation.
    5. Chant that for two times.

    Weight loss Spell

    There are also Black Magic Beauty spells that you can use in order for you to lose your weight. This is ideal for those people who are having a hard time in getting the body that they want and is interested to lose their weight really quick and fast. If you are someone who always has a hard time with shedding off extra pounds, you might want to give this a try. It’s a simple spell that is said to help you out with weight loss and other easy solutions related to it. Compared to other kind of Black Magic Beauty spells, this could be simple and a lot easier for you to do.

    Things to Prepare:

    There are only few things you have to prepare for this kind of spell and those are pillows, paper, voice and a pen. You should also make sure that you have a specific weight that you want to achieve in your mind to get started on this. The Instructions: 1. Write the weight that you want to achieve in a piece of paper that you have prepared. Make sure that it is in pounds. 2. Chant the spell.
    3. Kiss the small paper and keep it under the pillow you are using before you go to bed.

    Eternal Beauty

    On the other hand, if you are someone who is interested in having an eternal beauty that could surpass any other people out there then this is the right spell for you. Youth is a much-coveted concept that most people really do want to retain. Aging is natural, but for some people, they think that their appearance is becoming unsightly. This spell is used to counter that and to help the person preserve her beauty and youthfulness in their prime.

    Things to Prepare:

    The only thing you need to prepare is your name written on a piece of paper. Make sure that it has been written as beautifully as possible. Reminder: This kind of spell is being used to reverse vanity spell.

    The Instructions: This is a lot simpler and easier to do compared with the other beauty spells that you can use in order to have eternal beauty which could be really perfect in order for you to be assured on what you will get.

    1. Have the piece of paper you have prepared in front of you.
    2. Chant the spell.

  • Easy Love Spells of Black Magic

    Black magic easy love spell Love spells are one of the most considered and looked for spells when it comes to magic spells, even more wanted is black magic love spells, and if the spells are easy to use then those black spells would be the first and top most priority of any person looking for a love spell. Love spells were used from an old age time when many of us did not even knew about black magic, only some deep parts of few countries were prevalent with the know how of black magic and love spells, but today with the increase in technology and reach to the masses, most of us are aware of black magic and love spells, though we all know that a love psychic is the best person to cast a spell which would be effective and give out good and quick results, however we also search the internet and find that there are many such black magic easy love spells which can be cast by anyone only if we follow the instructions properly and carefully. Black magic spells would give you hundred times more satisfaction after being casted as it gives you quicker result and results which you can feel in no time. Love spell in itself is a vast arena of spell, and thus it is required to mention that love spells can be f varied types and would differ in needs of the person for whom it is casted. Mostly it is seen that seduction spells are performed to get a love back, get an ex back, but love spells are also done for good marriage proposals, good married life, good family, bring someone back, bring harmony in a relationship. These are just few to name them and hence love spells can be much wider when seen in true life. A specific love spell can be designed by a spellcaster as per the needs of the person who wants the spell to be cast, but like I had mentioned above previously that there are love spells which if casted properly can be casted by anyone, thus am giving you all a black magic easy love spell to find love. You would need few items to cast the spell, a red carpet, five red candles, five red rose flowers and a one litre bottle of rose water with a little sandalwood dust. Pour the rose water on a big container and mix the sandalwood dust in it properly, then dip all the rose flowers in it, on the red carpet keep the pic of the person whom you want to make your love, if you do not have picture then a full name with a facial description would do, mind you can do this for 5 name to see which one would become your love of life. Now light up the five candles and place them on top of the pictures or the paper where you have written the name of the person, place the rose flower near the candle and the picture so that it touches both the candle and the picture at the same time. Chant the below spell once for each name, so if you have five names or pictures then you need to chant it five times. Let the candle burn to finish, just before the candle relinquishes it would try to burn the picture or paper as well, the paper or picture which does not burn even a little would be your best choice for making love and so on. So in this way you will have five choices with the best to the worst. “Burn me down, burn me up Burn my love if you are chaaaat Tikledom tikeledim love burns not within”

    Black magic to make him think of me

    Are you always thinking of someone, this means that you are in love with that someone, but do you think that the person whom you love does not even think about you. If so then you need help, yes help with a black magic to make him think about me. Black magic can show you wonderful results if you want someone to think about you, black magic to make him think of me is a kind of love spell that is casted by love psychic for those who want to attract specific people towards them.It has been observed that black magic to make him think of me spells are usually a need for those girls who think that the guys do not look at them, or they are inferior when compared to other girls present around in the group. Dated long back in the history we would find traces of this black magic spell, which was practiced by many tribes to keep the man in control of the woman. It was such believed that if a man thinks only about a specific lady then he would always listen to that lady only, hence a harmony in love life can be maintained, but as knowledge of human being grew, so grew the requirement and use of such spells and today such black magic spell to make him think of me are used by many girls and women to attract guys towards them for different reason.

    We also found out that one of the reasons why girls want specific man to be attracted towards them or think only about them is love or crush, some other reason might include, indulging in physical relationship or getting married. However whatever the reason is such spells are very strong and gives up to the mark results almost every time. In general when such a black magic spell is required the lady needs to consult a love psychic or spell caster, tell her problems and why she wasn’t to make a man think only about her and accordingly the spell caster would design the black magic spell to make him think of me. However while researching I found out that such black magic spell can be also casted by anyone easily by following some steps and using some ingredients. Below I have enumerated the spell and how to cast it, make use of it to make a man fall for you and only you.

    The most important thing you would need is the photo of the person whom you want to make think about you, you would also require your own photo. A bundle of red woollen string and around twelve rose petals, keep the picture of the man and your facing each other so that both the picture kiss each other, put the twelve rose petals between the pictures and then wrap the whole picture with the red woollen thread, so that it is completely wrapped and gets hidden inside. Every night keep the picture below your bed and then chant the below written spell twelve times and think about the man kissing you and fulfilling your wishes and go to sleep, do this for twelve consecutive days and you will see the magic within.

    “lucumano sugamano pic the bilanamano
    Hilathoriphi make thee puri
    Itchasakti magaar aaaggaar thihano
    Think of me and none for thee
    I am the princess for you beee
    lucumano sugamano pic the bilanamano Itchasakti magaar aaaggaar thihano”

  • Love Spells using Honey and Blood

    Love spells using honey

    Honey is a sweet nectar that is obtained from the bee hives via different process, it is very tasty to eat it and is used in many preparations, well this is what we all know about honey right? But, what if, I tell you that love spells are often casted using honey. Yes love spells using honey is made lot of time to bring in the sweet effects and results of the love spell being created and casted.Since honey bears a resemblance of female hood as it is produced only by the female bees, hence honey is used in love spells where a female needs to be attracted or bought back or lured for relationship. The right use of honey in a love spell will give out quick results and strong results. Below are few love spells using honey that you can cast for yourself. Spell 1: To bring back your girlfriend, you would need her picture and a little used cloth or hair of her, put the hair on the picture then wrap the picture with her used cloth, then pour honey on the cloth so that the cloth is wet with honey, put it in a glass jar and chant the below spell three times and place the jar near your window, in some day the picture will start to dissolve and when the picture dissolves your girlfriend would come back to you. “Dissolve and solve Bring her back Honey o honey Sweet like honey” Spell 2: this spell is used to get more sexual pleasure from your woman, you would need a red female genital candle, light it up and take some honey on a glass jar, heat the honey on the flame of the candle and chant the below spell five times, then mix two drops of olive oil, one drop of rose water and one pinch of sandalwood powder. Put this portion on the lips of your woman or on any of her private part if you can and you will see that she would like to have more and more sex with you every day. Spell 3: this is for ladies only, used for attracting a man, fill a tub with warm water, mix lavender oil in it and a bottle full of honey, take a bath in the water and make sure to rub your face with honey and water from the tub, while doing so chant the below spell eleven times then next day meet the person whom you want to attract and you will see the magic. “Beauty and sweetness within Love me sweet pine Am the grape sweet like honey Come to me oh thy mine”

    Love spells using menstrual blood

    When we talk about love spells, most of us do not know that in the beginning or what we call it today as folk magic, spell casters used to use bodily fluids to cast love spells and the most powerful bodily fluids were the semen, urine and menstrual blood, yes you might think that is nasty but that is the truth, love spells using menstrual blood was a way to bind a man or get unexpected sexual desires from the man, at times the same was also used to keep the man faithful and also to heal and bring back a lover or even make someone love you. Much of the love spells using menstrual blood required the menstrual blood to be mixed with coffee or tea or with some food item dark or red in color like those of pasta sauces and then let the man consume it, this was done once or many times depending on the spell casted and hence would give out great results. Below are few love spells using menstrual blood that you can cast for yourself, however approaching a professional love psychic would be the best option when it comes to casting such love spells.

    Spell 1: collect your menstrual blood in a container, then take the photo of the man whom you want to get love from, put your menstrual blood all over the photo and chant the below spell thrice then take the menstrual blood from the photo and mix it in a food item probably a sweet or cake and give it to the man to be had, make sure only he has it, in three days that man will propose to you and will want to be only with you. “Flowing river of blood Let him flow to me I give my blood for him to come to me”

    Spell 2: Buy a men genital candle, write the name of the man with whom you want to have sex, then rub the candle on your vagina when you are having periods so that your menstrual blood sticks to the candle, when doing so think that the candle is your man’s penis then on a full moon night light up the candle and let it burn whole, while its burning chant the spell written below as many times as you can and you will see that within a week that man will be crazy to have sex with you. “Alkumuku bibandoris Dig me up horis horis Mithe bolite che aste bochor abar hobe” Spell 3: make a tomato puree, add some carrots and beet roots to it to make the color more dark then add two drops of your menstrual blood in it mix it properly and give it to the man on whom you want the spell you want to cast, ask him to have it every day regularly but make sure only he has it with any other food he wants to, and each day that he has it you cast the spell below once every night and the day the mixture would finish the next day the man would want to marry you.

    “lal rup lal rong Lal mane sob jon Finish what I made, marry and I make Lal rup lal rong Lal mane sob jon”

  • Magic Spells

    Magic spells really work, but the fact is magic spells that work need to be performed properly, spell casters who are highly trained can cast spells that work, even you will find many spells over the internet or on different magic books, but the only way to make those magic spells work is to cast them right. Mostly magic spells when performed or casted require few ingredients and mixing of those ingredients, it is very necessary that these ingredients are bought with special selection and are mixed in proper and nominated percentage for the magic spell to work out. You will find three magic spells that really work with complete instructions on how to cast them and the ingredients required to cast them, follow the steps properly and you will see that the magic spells really work.

    Magic spell to trap a soul

    You would need a glass container of around two fifty milliliter, a black butterfly, a white candle, this spell needs to be performed either in full moon night or in new moon night only, this spell should be performed only after two o’clock midnight. Close your room in which you would be performing the magic, only keep a window open, let the black butterfly fly, light up the candle and place it below to glass container, then chant the below spell twenty one times, you will see that the butterfly will come and get inside the container and once it does close the lid of the container quickly to trap the butterfly because the butterfly will by this time have the soul of the person which you want to trap, let the candle relinquish itself and then bury the container in a flower pot, do this for a full phase of moon to keep the effect of the spell for long time. “Elatromus stupendum Fatium mazinumun Personus solus slodum Trapunumus bilitronumus”

    Magic spell to win an ex back

    You would need a red heart shaped candle, make sure there is no design on the candle and that the candle is plain, you would also need a needle and two red rose petals. With the help of the needle first inscribe the name of your ex-lover on one side of the candle and on the other side inscribe your name, draw a link from both sides of the names to attach the other name with it, break the needle in two halves and on each line drawn attach a rose petal with the help of the broken needle. Now light up the candle and let it burn slowly, keep observing it, a point will come when the petals will get burnt at that time chant the below spell five times and keep observing the candle, when the candle will blow off the broken pieces of the needles should join with each other in the wax, if it does then you have correctly enchanted the spell and performed the ritual and in five days’ time your ex-lover would get back to you. “Lusitocus anenumus Ibilisumus gibrael Unite us both as we are broken Tohunutum bibrel.”

    Magic spell for good luck in lotto

    For casting a magic spell for good luck in lotto, you would need a lotto card and a white candle, this spell needs to be performed each time you go to play lotto, so make sure you have adequate cards. Just before you are going to step out to buy a lotto, light up the white candle and burn the lotto card and cast the below spell three times, take the ashes and blow off the candle, rub the ashes on your lips and say whatever numbers comes on your mouth, loud enough so that you can hear it, buy the lotto with those numbers and you will see that you will win every time you perform the spell. “Lucomoti luck Britogrili luck Lippo luck Lottomonous luck.”

  • Egyptian Witchcraft

    Witchcraft in Egypt or as we say Egyptian witchcraft is a very old form of witchcraft, being practiced from pre-Christian era, it is such believed that Egyptian witchcraft is the first form of sorcery ever practiced and that all other witchcraft has been derived from this. Also known as Kemetism or Neterism this was a revival of ancient Egyptian religion, and followed worshiping idols and deities. The practitioners of Egyptian witchcraft generally praises and prays to idols or god and goddesses which have few forms which includes the triple goddess of the waning, waxing and full moon and the horned god of the sun, death and all animal life. The practitioners also have congregations in the form of temples or covens. The temples and covens are basically places where one can learn more about Egyptian witchcraft, practice and master it. The moon plays a very vital role in Egyptian witchcraft and hence most of the festivals are celebrated as per moon cycles, throughout the year and is known as Esbats or moon celebrations. Since the majority of the celebrations are based on moon cycles hence when celebrating the practitioners also uses wheel of the year image which represents the eight festivals, four of agricultural festival and pastoral festival and also depicts the four solar festivals and thus the image has eight spokes in its wheel. The Egyptian witches tend to cast more spells during the winter seasons or full moon cycles, since moon plays a vital role, hence it is believed that during the hours of thirty first October to first November evening the witches can gain the most powerful energies as this is a time of solstice and hence is considered to be the most auspicious period in Egyptian witchcraft. It is believed by them that during this period the blanket which separates the living world from the dead is at its thinnest and that the dead can easily come to the living world, following this many believers of Egyptian witchcraft also celebrates this day and are ready to welcome their loved ones and have feast with them. It is even observed that all men and women would tend to come out in the open under the moon light to energize themselves on such days. The main tool, which the Egyptian witchcraft practitioners use for casting magic is a knife, or as described by them as the Athame or the sacred blade. Another tool that they use is a bowl of water, which is used to represent the element of water and its properties like regeneration, emotion and cleansing. The Athame is first charged with the energy of its owner and then used to create sacred drawings on the earth, where the owner’s energy and will gathers to make the spell work. Some other renowned tools used by them are those which represent the other elements of nature like the fire, air and earth. A pentacle is generally used to denote earth and its properties or a small saucer of soil or salt is even considered to be used to denote the properties of earth. Egyptian witches have also incorporated the use of scarab in practicing spells and casting spells, because it is believed that scarab is a symbol of success and symbol of continuation of life through rebirth, hence it is believed that if anyone wears a scarab as an amulet or talisman then that person would be able to overcome all difficulties in the path of his or her success. Egyptian witchcraft practices casting of many different kind of spells, like the love spell, bring my ex back spell, luck spell, money spell, curse removal spell and many other, the difference in casting spells using Egyptian witchcraft technique is a little unique, first the problem is understood and then a spell is decided upon. Once a spell has been decided upon then the spell is designed as per the needs of the individual, when designing the spell few things like the name and date of birth is considered along with that a material of the individual is also used, like cloth, hair or even tear or urine, this helps to cast the spell more accurately and also helps in attaching the individual more closely with the spell being cast so that he or she can get more accurate result out of the spell which is to be cast. Then the witch would wait for the specific moon cycle period and when the time is correct the spell would be cast after performing rituals and praising and praying to the specific deity, god or goddess. Now once the spell casting has been performed, the material used would be converted into a talisman or an amulet which then needs to be worn by the individual, sometimes at the end of the spell casting the material used is also converted into portions which needs to be consumed or sprinkled by the individual, thus this gives more quick result for the spell casted. Looking into this aspect of performing a ritual and casting a spell, one can very well identify that an Egyptian witchcraft spell is much more powerful than any other kind of spell technique used, hence one can make sure that the spell would surely give a quick and fast as well as long lasting result.

  • What is red magic?

    Red magic is also known as the magic of the people or Volk Magie wherein some American cultures termed it as Hoodoo. But in real red magic is the simplest form of magic which was widely used by different kind of magic practicing communities. Red magic makes the practitioner enlightened with the knowledge that magic is within us and that magic is within everyone, we ourselves are spiritual and our body is just the medium to communicate with this living world.

    With the kind of practice followed in red magic spell casting techniques, red magic also became famous to what is known as Sex Magic, the reason behind was that most of the time red magic was cast with the help of two people, mostly married couples or lovers where the body, mind and spirit were made one, to make these things one the two souls have to give each other to the another in complete which was possible only via the means of creating sex, thus with such a practice red magic also became popular as sex magic, but then we should also note that the fact of red magic being termed as sex magic is in fact not accurately true, since casting red magic spells required support and love of another person, be it opposite gender or not, be it a lover or a close friend who is connected spiritually with the person casting the spell or being cast upon.

    Some American cultures also termed red magic as Hoodoo a sub part of the most powerful magic Voodoo being practiced by those who were bought as slaves to the new world. Since the new world did not know much about voodoo and that it was a religion hence the kind of different religion and magic practiced by those slaves were treated with different names. While it was observed that red magic was practiced as similar to voodoo for the fact that it had rituals to be performed and included sacrifices and offerings before casting a spell, hence it was also termed as hoodoo in the new world.

    Though not much of what is red magic can be found but it is believed to exist from medieval ages and is termed as the most simplest form of magic which gives us the knowledge that magic is within each one of us, and that we all are spiritual beings, the only difference is those who understand can use the spirituality and the body and mind which are media of communication to connect to other energies and fulfill something which is not possible and for those who cannot realize are left out of the heard.

  • Black Magic Spell to increase your luck for casino, lottery, gambling, etc.

    Hi all, in this article from my series of black magic spell articles, I am going to give you some tips and spells on how you can increase your luck when you gamble, or play lottery or go into a casino. Practically speaking, we all play lottery or go to casinos now or then, with a mind set to earn money, but when we see that instead of getting money we lose it, we curse our luck and or think that we are not lucky.

    If this is the case with you, then read below to increase your luck for casino, lottery, gambling etc… do note this that is a luck spell, and should not be shared with anyone. It would be meant only for you. You should not let anyone know that you are using this spell for yourself, or when you use it no one should understand that you have used this spellTake a clean porcelain bowl, empty the golden chamomile solution in the bowl, then take the blood from the lucky vulture head and mix it in the solution, put the golden biscuit in the bowl and the bay berry powder, mix it and stir it well.

    Once you see that the mixture is ready, warm it – it should be Luke warm so that you can dip your hands in it. Now dip your hands in the mixture and wash your hand with the mixture, making sure that not even a drop spills out of the bowl, or on the floor.

    You need to do this every night before you go to sleep and also every time before you go inside a casino or start gambling of any kind. Now read carefully on how to wash your hand in this mixture.

    You need to dip one of your hand at a time, first start by dipping your right hand and then your left hand, once both of your hands are inside the bowl, till your wrist covered with the solution. Then rub your right hand on top of your left and vice versa thirteen times saying

  • Black Magic Spell to make your lover become faithful and remove his/her desires for other persons

    HUMBAKKAKUM THUMBAKKUM THUMBAKKUM THINAKNA MERIA MERIA HUMBAKKAKUM THUMBAKKUM THINAKNA What? Why are you amazed, or confused? Most of the times my readers read the complete process before they read the actual spell, well here I have written the spell first and would explain the theory in the later part, because I would like my readers to understand on what they are doing rather than just do it because the words used are something different and tough to pronounce and just because a professional like me writes this up as a remedy. HUMBAKKAKUM THUMBAKKUM – you are mine and I am yours. THUMBAKKUM THINAKNA – leave everyone behind, since you are only mine and I am the only one for you. MERIA MERIA HUMBAKKAKUM THUMBAKKUM THINAKNA– you would love only me and be loyal as a dog towards me, and will never think of anyone else except me. The meanings of the words are stated above, thou I know some words look repeated and literal meaning by my literate readers might bring out a different meaning but do understand on how the words are written. Now when you know what the spell and the meaning of the spell is, so read below to understand on how and what you need to do and when you need to use this spell. First you need to understand on what your lover likes the most when it comes to food, say sweets or pizza or anything. The food item must be the one which your lover cannot resist eating for whatever reasons it be so. Once you understand and discover the item which again has to be some solid food item and not liquid like tea or coffee. Buy that food item, get inside your room so that no one understands or even gets a hint of what you are doing. To enchant the above spell, you have to first take a bath with cold water, then sit without any clothes on your body in wet condition keep the food item in-front of you and enchant this 9 times with the full name of your lover as pre-fix and suffix which means that if your lover’s name is Susan Jonathan then you would enchant the spell as ‘Susan Jonathan

    HUMBAKKAKUM THUMBAKKUM THUMBAKKUM THINAKNA MERIA MERIA HUMBAKKAKUM THUMBAKKUM THINAKNA Susan Jonathan’ Also you need to move the food item on your bare body starting from your forehead, make sure your hair does not get touched with the food item when you are moving it over your body. So while you enchant the spell nine times you keep moving the food item on all your bare body parts in ascending descending then descending ascending manner, which is you start moving the food item from bottom to top of your head or forehead region and then back from your head to foot region, nine times. After you complete the sermon, store the food item properly in a box, and the next day give it to your lover to eat, you need to do this 15 consecutive Saturdays of the same year. As the year passes by and a new year comes in, you will see that your lover is faithful towards you like a loyal dog towards its master and that your lover will have not desires for any other person except and just except you. You can also try this bindig spell which will give excellent effects!

  • Black Magic Spell to Make your Lover Beg you and accomplish your Desires

    Are you in love? Do you think that your lover is not listening to you? Do you think that your lover never fulfills your wishes and desires? If the answer to what I have asked is NO then pass over this is not the kind of article for you, but before you pass over think twice for the answer and if after thinking twice your answer is a YES to any or all of the questions above then read below to understand on how can you make your lover beg and fulfill all your desires and wishes, like a genie saying your wish is my command.

    If you have been reading this genre of my articles then you already must have the knowledge that after much expedition and research I have learned about black magic ways on how to… you must also have the knowledge that I have promised all my readers to give them ways on how to use specific spells to accomplish some needs and wants for themselves. Well to be frank there can be so many wishes that people can make, and in truth not even the almighty can grant all of them, hence I have also picked up few most searched for topics and am writing down remedies the black magic way, so that my readers can use them and get some benefit out of it.

    Though this kind of stuff is not shared in general, but we all are learned people, aren’t we? So I have decided to put in the spell casting techniques down so that it helps my reader. Well, coming back to what I was talking about, to be specific I would be now showing you a technique rather a way on how you can make your lover beg and accomplish your desires, even if your lover does not want to. Thou there are a lot of ways to do so, but the most effective way is the voodoo spell style.

    Voodoo is practiced as a religion and has evolved from Africa, now also widely practiced in lot of Muslim countries and also in India. In fact I had learned this on my excursion and stay with Indian sage and voodoo casters. Now here is the tip. First you need to gather the ingredients stated under and practice this on a pet, might be a dog, cat or a guinea pig. Once you master the art then only try it on your lover because a slight mistake can take away life of either you or your lover’s. I would also suggest all my readers to rather use a professional help from the masters of black magic to have a good command over this spell. It is not easy to control your lover, or boyfriend, girlfriend or whatever he/she is. To control someone mind is a hard task, but it can be done!

    Now here is what you need, around 0.5511 pound (250 gram) of wheat flour, 1 cup of water, black sesame seeds, rice which are pale yellow in color and should not have any husk attached to it. 1 meter red piece of cloth, 3.5 meter black piece of cloth, mustard oil weighing 10 Oz and white sesame oil weighing 11 Oz, one dozen paper pins along with 5 green lemon and 29 yellow lemon. Red vermillion, string of hair of your lover and a small piece of your lover’s used cloth (cloth should not have been washed after used).

    First make dough of the flour using the water you have kept, once the dough is made then shape the dough as per male or female (whoever your lover is), when ready then pin up the string of hair towards the head side and the piece of cloth near the belly. Sprinkle the vermilion on the head part and face part and then cover the upper part of the dough body with the black piece of cloth you bought and the lower part with the red piece of cloth. Lit a bon-fire and put a bowl on top of the fire, mix bot the mustard and sesame oil in the bowl and let it simmer, then cut all the green lemons and squeeze all the juice of those lemons inside the bowl, stir the mixture and let it simmer, while the mixture is being prepared, cut all the 29 yellow lemons and squeeze the juice properly all over the dough so that the dough becomes wet, then dip the dough in the pale yellow rice so that the whole dough covered in cloth now gets covered by rice.

    Check your timing and as soon as it is 15 min left to one a.m. then dip the rice and cloth covered dough inside the mixture bowl and let it simmer again, now when the dough along with the mixture is getting hot enchant the below spell “Cupid, cupid send me your genie, let my lover obey me”, you need to enchant this spell 9 times. Every time you finish the spell make sure to blow air from your mouth in the mixture bowl and at the end of 9th time you will see that the dough has vanished and the rice would float, if this happens then understand that your lover would obey you like a slave and would do anything to fulfill your desires and if it does not happen then you need to do the whole ritual again

  • Black Magic Spell to make your Lover marry you

    We all, after a point of time want to get married and settle down in life with the person who loves us the most or with the person whom we love the most, but there are lot of scenarios were someone’s lover loves the person but for some reason is not willing to marry the person. Ok I know I have been writing long articles with lot of methods on how to do it, hence I will keep this one short and simple. But first let me tell you that Marriage Spells are not a toy to play with! Beware when you use this kind of love spells!

    Marriage Spells

    If you have already read on how to make the love portion and cast the love spell, I mean the black magic way on how to make someone love you, then this is the extended part of the same and if your lover loves you like anything then you can apply this on your lover and get ready to tie the knots and take the oaths. You need to first buy a doll, if your lover is a female whom you want to get you married then buy a female doll and vice versa for the opposite gender. Bring two pound clay, mix it with water and then make a garland of your name using the clay. Whatever doll you bring in, must be having an attire, hence remove all the cloths from the body of the doll, buy a one meter long saffron color cloth and wrap the doll with the saffron cloth then pin the cloth nicely so that the cloth for no reason comes out of the doll’s body. Use some orange and red color to give color to the clay garland you have made and then wrap the garland around the doll’s neck, you would also need a small or a piece of the gift item which your lover might have gifted you, if it is a rose petal then the spell will work the best, especially if the rose gifted to you is red. Stick the rose petal or the piece of the gift with the doll making sure it never gets detached. Then bring in two guinea pigs, cut them half and take all the blood in a bowl, once you are ready with all this, then the next stage would come, here you need to choose a day, it has to be in the spring months when new flowers bloom, so in a spring month choose either the 7th, 14th, 28th keeping in mind that the date falls under Sunday, Tuesday or Friday. So be very specific when selecting the date so that it matches with the day and the month is already known to you. As said on the specific day and date of the specific month, exactly when it is two minutes left to 3 am in the morning, visit a grave yard and hold the doll up-front in your hand and enchant “Rise oh dead and meet your soul, for life is to live, as I summon you to meet your soul, so you make me meet mine, let my soul unite with my body which lives in the name of ”. Enchant this exactly 101 times and then take a boat and go deep in between a river and throw this doll as far as you can. All this you do but do make sure that no one sees you or stops you for if that happens then you have to repeat the whole marriage spell again. All this while you should be all alone, and no one should be along with you for any reason. The farther you throw the doll, the less amount of time it would take for the person whose name the marriage spell has been casted to marry you.

  • How to Cast wish spells that work

    If you can bottle love and sell it, you could earn lots of money from it. Who would not want to have instant love? They can feel loved anytime they want to. Unfortunately, you cannot buy love. Instead, you have to earn it. Sometimes love easily comes to your life. You take a good grasp on that love but somehow it wants to get away from you. No matter how hard it can be, you have to let that love go. The next time you fall in love again, make sure to cultivate that love and remember that you can formulate wish spells that work for your situation.

    Do you wish to grab someone’s attention?

    A good way to have a potential love partner is to perform a spell on him/her. Actually, it is not a dark way of winning someone’s heart. You can find wish spells that work. To get started, gather some wild rose petals. Produce a tea out of these petals through boiling. Put honey on the mixture. Sip while fantasizing the person you would like to grab the attention of. Perform this ritual before going out.

    Do-it-your-way love spells

    How do you attract positive energies so you can catch love? Here is how. Get a foil and sprinkle it with dried roses. Place some herbs on the foil too. Fold the foil and keep it wherever you go. This will attract positive energies that would help you find a love partner. It is hard to look for true love this time so you must take your time and be patient. Searching for wish spells that work for you is recommended. Get a red candle and chant the name of the person you want to be with.

    Pennies for love

    Aside from love spells, you should also do the tossing of the coin spell. It’s actually very simple. People who are in a relationship and those who are not in a relationship can try this spell. These wish spells that work by tossing two US pennies. Once you toss the coins in the air, make a wish that you would find true love after it. If you do, love will find its way to you. Suppose you are not happy with your current relationship, you may try this spell too.

    Path of love spell

    You must have thought about this idea several times. How can your potential partner find its way to you if you don’t make a way? Perhaps, finding wish spells that work for him/her could help. Get some rose petals. Scatter the petals to your way home. Light some candles when you get home and look forward to your future romantic partner finding its way to your heart. Imagine meeting him/her soon. What should you say? Always remember to say the right words and he will never let you go.

    Love spell for couples

    How do you strengthen your relationship with your partner? Understanding and constant communication is the key. There are specific wish spells that work for this situation. Lighting the candles on a full moon is a must. Set a romantic date with your partner on that night. You can also perform this spell on a Friday night. Say the most romantic words to your partner. Wish that you would be together for the rest of your life. Drink wine together and enjoy the night.

    Honey jar love spell

    Another way to win someone, apart from candle spells is the honey jar spell. Get an empty honey jar. You will also need a pen and paper. Write the person’s name on a piece of paper and kiss it for good luck. Place the paper inside the jar. Keep it and see what happens. There are various wish spells that work on different situations.

    Win his heart spell

    Winning his heart is not easy but with these spells with candles, these might offer good results. Here’s what you need for this spell: red candle and rose oil. Perform on a Friday night preferably on a full moon. Carve a heart shape on the body of the candle. Sprinkle some rose oil on top of it. While lighting the candle, chant some romantic words while fantasizing your love.

  • How to Use Black Magic for Lottery Numbers.

    Just about every adult in the country has purchased a lottery ticket, or thought about doing so. Even though most people have never even come close to winning, people continue to buy those tickets, week after week. Why do people do it? They have the hope that they are going to be the lucky person who wins big dollars.

    Imagine what winning the lottery could do to change your life for the better. It would finally be possible for you to own your own house – outright, and not just by taking out a loan. You could make your family and friends comfortable and be able to afford all of the things that you have ever wanted.

    Unfortunately, the chances of winning the lottery, for each individual person, is close to zero. You probably have more chance of getting into a car accident. While no one is saying that such a terrible thing is going to happen to you, it still demonstrates the point that winning the lottery is fairly unlikely – unless you have the right type of powers at play to help you win.

    How to Use Black Magic for Lottery Numbers

    Luckily, there are special methods that you can use to increase your chances of winning the lottery. Lottery black magic is not all that different from other forms of magic, and it is used by people all over the world, so that they can one day become rich and wealthy.

    Like most people, you probably have some preconceptions about what black magic is, and what people use it for. Firstly, there is nothing evil or dark that can be caused by the use of these kinds of spells. They are intended to remove the “blackness” that surrounds people, such as cursed, negative energies, and other things like hexes. If you have been suffering from constant bad “luck”, you might actually be the unfortunate victim of some negative magic. But the good luck is that black magic can be used to free you from those things that are making your life difficult, and help you to move into a brighter, more positive future.

    Black Magic Spells for Winning the Lottery

    If you want to win the lottery using black magic, a lot of it involves positive thinking, and being proactive. Firstly, you need to write down what you wish to achieve, and make sure that you focus all of your energy on that one simple thing: winning the lottery. It is also important, of course, that you actually go out and buy lottery tickets. No one has ever struck it rich with the lottery by sitting at home, and forgetting to buy tickets to all of the big draws.

    Remember that you might not win the biggest lottery payout in the world, but you are bound to win something if you keep on focusing your energy, and you use the right types of black magic spells for lottery to help you win.

    If you would like to know more about winning the lottery using black magic, or about improving your life in any other way, there are many helpful lottery spells available from black magic experts.

  • How to do White Magic: White Magic Spells for You and Your Loved Ones

    Friendship Spell

    They said that we have spiritual demons around us. When people share similar demons, they became friends, as their demons do. This spell can either rekindle or break a long lost friendship. There are also friendship spells such as spell to help a friend, acceptance spell, spell to repair friendship and protection for a friend. Some are made to use each day to build up more accepting attitude towards others. Spell to repair friendship is used when you and a friend have fought or having a misunderstanding, this will help you remove the tension between you and make things out. There is also a white magic spell for friendship longevity, spell such as friendship spell aims to relate to people and make new friends.

    Cure Spell This type of spell is about to cure sickness and illness physical, mental and emotional, typically giving you a good health. There as a special potion to drink and it doesn’t taste good a little. On casting spell of course you need to accompany it with proper care. There is a spell for well being, this spell is best when you are starting to feel better this will regenerate your energy for a healthier you. There are also white magic spells for freedom from stress, letting a lover go spell and healing most ailments spell.

    Protection Spell Protection spells are created to shield around you and enables any spell not to work out on you. These are spells to stop negative energies to draw near you. Protection potion is formulated to protect you and your loved ones from any type off harm. At the point when things are occurring quickly and we feel life is running away with us, it is conceivable to back things off. For this we use the power of Saturn and shrouded control of time coupled with the thought that if something is solidified it permits us time to think and consider our activities. We basically make use of ordinary articles which are effectively reachable.

    Truth Spell Truth spell will help you find the truth and sort truth from lies. Beware of these spells because they often backfire to the one who cast them, it may cause them to tell lies or speak nothing but the truth. This spell can also expose a true person’s feelings towards the caster. Love binding spell will help you and your lover to be together after being apart from each other. So, How to do white Magic? You need a fiery command oil and lipstick. Mix lipstick with oil as you concentrate hearing the truth from your lover. Kiss him while wearing the same lipstick.

    Peace Spell Basically, peace spell aims to have peace around you. All the spirits moving will be at peace with other spirits and also themselves. This peaceful feeling spreads through and through, but the longevity of effect of the spell will depend on the strength of the spell caster. The caster must avoid being upset and angry the effect of this white spell will be broken. When you are feeling angry and disappointed you will no longer feel it once you cast this. There is also spell for taking away the pain and anger, how to do white magic? Use same colors of candle, do this for 3 days 5 times in a row.

    Dream Spells This spell can be fun because you can put dreams and nightmares into one’s mind. This can lead into nightmares for long if you cast these incorrectly so be careful. Dream spell can make someone dream about you and tell you about it the day after, it also let you experience someone’s dream. Dream control spell will let you control someone’s dream. How to do white Magic ? When you go to sleep open your dream box and hold your hand over it and do the chant. You must trust the dream box that it will give you good dreams, put it over your head and ask for your dream. Indeed white magic spells give us many benefits not to mention that it is safe to apply.

    Love Spells If things cannot be solved manually and by exerting your own efforts, then you better find something else to help you. One of the major problems faced by people is when it comes to their love life. There are several types of problem that are associated to it but if you want to put an end to it, you can try magic to give it a rest.

    When you should use White magic love spells?

    Even if it is better to get the one that you love naturally as in without seeking any help from anyone but sometimes things don’t work as you want it to be. Even if you have exerted your own efforts but you have to accept the fact that things don’t happen similarly. When you don’t see things to be going to what you desire, you can turn to measures that guarantee to give it to you.

    Getting the one you love, love you back You cannot expect people to feel the same way as you do. It is very hard for you to expect for them to reciprocate your love when they are not feeling the same way. When this happens, what are you going to do? Will you just give up and watch the one that you love, love someone else back and you are left crying in vain? You can choose to use White magic love spells. It is not a pathetic measure to do but when all your hopes and efforts have failed, it is better to employ this way than do nothing just because the other has declined. These spells won’t alter the feeling that is felt by the one that you like but it will help to draw the forces that will make him/her love you in return and to notice you.

    Cheating partners Are you in a relationship? Do you feel that your partner is no longer faithful for the relationship that you have been taking care of for quite some time already? Will you just let the relationship fall apart and watch things got destroyed by a third party? If you have a reason to stop it from happening, then seek the help of spellcasters. It is ridiculous at first especially when you don’t believe in anything like magic because for you, it only happens in the movies and there is no way for it to be true or to be real.

    Falling out of love There are many reasons why a relationship fall apart. These includes not feeling the love anymore. Have you ever wondered why it turns out that way? You might have done something wrong that triggered for it happen because the reality is the love won’t fade if two persons will work together to make it last. It takes the effort of two persons to make it work. No one will fall out of love if the two of you never fail to show each other the affection and the love that both of you are expecting from each other.

    Saving the relationship When you know that something is not going right, what will you do? Will you just let it be or will you make a move to save the relationship? There is no perfect relationship. If you fail whenever you try, you can try to have a White magic love spells casted to help you get through this. Do not easily give up without even trying to fix things so that you won’t end up regretting for anything. Love is not something that you should easily give up because when you are going to look back, you will see all that you have done to make it last up to this very point.

    How to make the best of White magic love spells? Your skepticism won’t help. Try it for you to know if it really works. Besides, you won’t lose anything if you try. For the effectiveness of the spell, take time to find the best spellcaster to perform it for you so that you will be directed towards your goal. Love is not always dependent on what you can do to make it grow and for it to develop further.

  • Free black magic spells cast for a limited time- Act now!

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  • Voodoo and Black Magick

    Voodoo and black magic, are the same?

    Many of us think that voodoo and black magic are same, hence today let us understand this differences or similarities properly. Before we step into understanding whether voodoo and black magic are the same, let us gain the knowledge of what is voodoo and what is black magic. It is very important to know the definition of both voodoo and black magick in order to understand whether voodoo and black magic are the same or not. Any magic which practices the use of nocturnal energy present around us, for establishing a fulfillment of wish is known as black magic. Nocturnal energies are energies or spirits who are awake and strong during the night time when human beings sleep. It is such believed that at an hour of night the passage between hell and earth opens up and these nocturnal energies are released out from the hell where they reside to the earth. Since magic has no color of itself, hence people who defined magic and categorized them had bought forth black magic as a category of magic because they believed that those who practiced black magic that is those who took help of nocturnal energies were able to cast more powerful spells, reason being the nocturnal energies would perform their task at an hour of night when other energies and human beings are resting, hence they would not be able to defend themselves from these nocturnal energies. Wherein on the other hand voodoo is found to be a religion, long time back voodoo was practiced by those living in Haiti , but later with the bringing of slaves to other countries this religion spread and came to be known as voodoo. The practice of voodoo generally combines performing rituals to different forms of deities and it is expected that if the deities are happy with the rituals performed then they will help the person or grant a wish to that person. Since most of the rituals were performed during night time keeping in mind that the spirit of these deities can be invoked only after sunset or during moon phases hence it got started believing that voodoo uses black magic. In real voodoo does not use black magic but is a religion in itself which involves performing rituals and offer offerings to different form of deities. Even voodoo has special priest and priestess known as the houngans who study the voodoo religion properly and who have the adequate idea about performing voodoo rituals so as to make a deity happy. Many learned people have debated on this topic of whether voodoo and black magic are the same or not, but if we closely observe and study the aspects of both black magic and voodoo we will realize that voodoo is a religion whereas black magic is a technique. Voodoo uses similar techniques to complete the rituals in its religion hence many do stand in the favor that voodoo and black magic are the same. I intended to write this article with a thought that it will clear the perception of all those who were bewildered with the fact that voodoo and black magic were the same and I hope this will clear the cloudy idea and knowledge that one has for the fact that voodoo and black magic are not entirely same.

  • Wicca Spells

    Get back lost love via Wicca

    Wicca is a form of pagan religion which follows white magic to cast spells, spells cast with Wicca are very strong and works each time. Today Wicca is very widely practiced and known for casting different kind of spells of which love spell is the most important spell cast using Wicca magic. Wicca originated from England and followed worshiping of a god and a goddess traditionally viewed as the moon goddess and the horned god. Since moon was a very vital aspect of worshiping hence problems like love related to moon were much solved using Wicca magic. Love problems occur to almost all of us at some point of time in life. There could be hundreds and thousands of different kind of issues related to love, most common being lost love but Wicca spells have the power to get back lost love and solve any kind of love related problem. Since the beginning of Wicca as a religion love spells and curing love related problems were practiced in full under the guidance of Wicca spells. The witches used to perform rituals first to the moon goddess and then used to cast a love spell to get back lost love via Wicca. Another important aspect to understand with Wicca magic is that most of the time when it is related to love problems the witches also made love portions or amulets, thus making sure that the spell gets embedded with more power as the portion or the amulet would be a part of the individuals body on whom the spell is cast or for whom the spell is cast. Today we find many spell caster or love psychic over the internet who could be approached easily and can be ordered with a love spell, though we should remember that it was not easy to find someone practicing Wicca in the past, however technology has grown and growth has come to the educated mind of so many which helps us accept many things. Most of the spell caster would charge you some money for the service provided by them; however you would also get lot of free spells over a simple internet search. You can also approach a spell caster and ask them to cast a free spell to ease out things and for you to make sure that the spell would work; another way is you could get hold of specific ingredients as per the methods and cast a Wicca love spell for yourself. Below you will find one such love spell to get back lost love which you can cast for yourself. You would need a red candle, picture of your lost love and your picture, red thread, two pins dipped in dragon’s blood, a plate made of clay and some sea water on the clay plate. Once you have put sea water on the clay plate then place the red candle on the clay plate, tie your and your lover’s picture together on the candle with the help of the thread so that both pictures are visible, then put a pin in both picture and keep the pin in a position so that both the pin are touching each other, light the candle and wait for the pictures to catch fire, when you see pictures are catching fire, cast the spell written below and wait for a week to see your lost love getting back to you. “Stick to me Be with me Love of my life Come to me Mote it be mote it be Love of my life never go away thee.”

  • White Magic Spell casters like to share their knowledge while Black Magic Sorcerers keep everything secret

    White magic, black magic, magic and spells, there are so many things around us right? But when time comes we need to choose one, wherein when pain may occur we like to choose the one which gives us faster relief correct?

    Lot of my clients do ask me of which one is better white magic or black magic, which one will give you the inset details of what is done and how. Why is it done that way, which one will give faster effects and results? To understand all this we need to first understand is a small concept.

    White magic spell when casted or performed uses solar energy or rather focuses on solar energy, giving a way to its user to connect to the sun and to all the gods related to sun or solar energy, in other words white magic is performed by summoning energies present during the day time. Where in black magic spell when casted or performed uses energy which are present during the night time or let’s say nocturnal energies and gods related to darkness.

    In both the magic and spell casted either the white magic way or the black magic way, the rule of three implies. The only thing is that white magic spell casters share their knowledge while black magic sorcerers keep everything secret. Now there is a great extent of reason for white magic spell caster to share everything and for black magic sorcerers to keep secrets.

    As already stated above that white magic spell casters are using energies present during the light hence what is done can be seen, felt when being done, wherein since black magic uses energies present in the darkness, hence things cannot be seen when the rituals are performed and thus is kept a secret.

    It has been also observed that white magic comprises or rituals where usage of planetary movements, angels, past life’s work are used or exist when the ritual is performed, hence these things are considered legal and thus a white magic spell caster shares their knowledge with their clients or customers. Wherein black magic uses energy that are present during the night time, in other words black magic also denies the law of life and uses energy opposing the law of life (it is expected for all energy to take rest when there is no light). Hence black magic spell casters do not share on how they perform rituals.

    I would also like to share a fact with all my readers, that a true or balanced sorcerer would be the person who uses both white and black magic together, for the good of someone and not for harming anyone. Wherein there are also believes that magic is just magic and are used to change the past, future or current state of someone, with black magic intending to service of self and white magic intending to service of others and there is no reason that a spell caster or a sorcerer would use both to maintain balance.

    Hence the above can be few reasons on why white magic spell casters share their knowledge and black magic sorcerers keep it hidden. Thou when a magic is performed either black or white, nothing is hidden.

  • Unlike White Magic, Black Magic is using occult forces to control person’s minds and hearts.

    It is a common feeling that black magic brings prompt results and is more effective than white magic. It is also true for some extent that the results are more rapid in black magic as the spells of black magic suppresses the emotions and freedom of people who are expecting on similar lines. They are also entitled to get the similar results and have sent the same vibrations to future as the person doing it with black magic.

    The occurrence of the outcome is administered by certain forces, and the powers to these forces are provided by white and / or black magic. In white magic the process is spontaneous and future outcome happens in a predefined way, whereas in black magic the outcome is affected by certain external forces or energies which help the black magic vibrations.

    It is also believed that certain occult forces play a significant role, which makes it more effective and prompt. The source of these occult forces comes from different theories and beliefs. It is a common belief that some forces which did not get their final destination or salvation due to wrong deed roams around this universe for the avenues of their completeness.

    These forces are easily attracted by the vibrations created by the spells of black magic. These forces are in dire need for some source of energy, hence easily trapped by black magic vibrations. These occult forces when joined by vibrations of black magic spells will create a strong combination which affects the future outcome in a desired way. Due to which black magic is more effective and result giving in short span of time.

    Since the motive of these occult forces is to obtain the completeness which they are lacking, but with the deeds of black magic their target remain unaccomplished. These forces are only used by black magic for their purpose. The salvation of these occult forces is governed by the white magic at the end. But it will take long time to accomplish.

    This is a cyclic process in which the long standing occult forces are completed by white magic and on same proportion new occult forces are created with the usage of black magic, for the desire of short term benefits. The principle of equilibrium holds true. One positive thing is equally maintained by one negative thing.

    These forces whether divine or occult affects the normal functioning of every persons. They basically control the mind and heart of people. As all the activities are controlled by mind and heart hence it is having a long lasting effect on personality and behavior of person. Devine forces pushes the person to act in good deeds whereas occult forces or evil forces do it in the other way – that is they pushes the person to act in bad deeds.

    To ensure the effectiveness of the outcome from the deeds of individual, rituals of white and black magic are performed to obtain the desired result. White magic works on its regular course whereas black magic takes the help of other occult forces existing in the universe.

    Since the results of black magic are quick hence the impression of effectiveness of black magic affects the assumption of heart and mind of individual in favor of black magic. Although the effects are of short term in black magic but the biasness of mind and heart of individual goes in favor of black magic. But in long run when the negative effects of black magic shows it symptoms then the biasness gets destructed and true pictures makes their impression regarding the actual effectiveness of white magic, and occult forces leaded black magic losses its image permanently.

    Thus it can be adjudged that although the occult forces of black magic affects the mind and heart in short term but actually the long term impression of white magic win at last.

  • JuJu, the dark side of Voodoo

    We have heard a lot about the practice of black magic in African countries; especially the practice of voodoo, but the fact book states that voodoo is used for good magic or white magic were in JuJu is used when it comes to black magic in African countries. Juju has derived its name from a French word joujou which means toy and is performed to capture supernatural powers into an object.

    JuJu, the dark side of Voodoo
    The objects or idol in which a juju is kept or stored can be anything ranging from that of a coconut shell to that of a bird’s wing or might be a head of some animal, one of such idol is carved out with the hands of the monkey and is very prevalent in western Africa. Even one can find juju temples.

    This objects or idols can be made only by a sorcerer or also known as witch doctor that is practicing juju. Once the idol or object is created then the witch doctor calls upon juju and summons it which is then stored in the idol or object created for the purpose.
    Juju is often confused with voodoo, but both have different ways for casting the rituals and the black magic spell. Juju in due course of time has obtained spiritual value which is lacked in voodoo. Juju also has the good and bad aspect of magic and it is believed that good juju can be used for healing internally, spiritually and physically, wherein bad juju can be used to enforce jealousy, revenge and to cause ill or bad luck, rather we can say that bad juju is used for harming someone.

    Once the juju ritual is performed by the sorcerer, then the idol or object used which also contains some used piece of cloth or any other material of the candidate, is turned into a talisman or an amulet or is made into portions which are required to be consumed as medicines.
    Witch doctors performing the ritual for juju are very specific about what they are doing.

    Good juju are also known as idem and bad juju are known as mbiam and witch doctors practicing either good, bad or both kind of juju can be a male or a female as well. Another aspect of juju is – it is carried forward to generations if performed and also worshiped. Lot of incidents have been recorded for the same in Africa were the son becomes lucky because his parents used a good juju in their life.

    There have been lot of stories associated with juju, and that juju being not only a spirit but also a form of god, being feared by the people who come under the territory and also worshipped, people even make offerings of different kind to juju god.

    The trend to worship a juju god, does not only bears its fruit in Africa but is also prevalent in American countries and European countries were lot of Africans have settled in due course of time. Although juju making is a form of witchcraft and black magic to most of the believers but in this educated society we also have people who are making juju just for mere living or for the purpose of trading and business. One of the most commonly known juju crafters or makers are called marabouts, their work is to craft juju for the purpose of trading and business.

  • Powerful Love Spells

    Magic spells is something which is practiced in almost all parts of the world in different forms, it is not something which has been invented new, but it has come to us from generations and generations and mostly what we find today are rituals and ways of casting different kind of spells which people have learnt from their ancestors. Let me tell you that one of the most common uses of spells is for casting love spells, love spells are very powerful if casted the right way. Powerful love spell came from those who practiced black magic and voodoo rituals. Now we should understand on why love spells are the most wanted kind of spells, well the reason is mostly when we fail in love matters we do not have any other option but to approach something beyond nature and since magic and spells uses powers from energies which are beyond nature hence the help of such energies were taken to sort out and bring success in love related cases. Today internet and technology has developed a lot which has bought in much revolution and changes in way of communication, hence we find that many learned spell casters share their ways of casting powerful love spells online via a website or some other media, we can even try those spells to get a result since one thing is for sure if it does not yield a good result it will for sure bring no harm or give birth to any evil. For a better understanding of the same below I have summed up few powerful love spells that you can cast yourself as well.

    Powerful spells to get physical I have seen many times that many people visit psychics in order to get this spell casted, because they feel like either their partner is not physically attracted towards them or cannot satisfy them physically or their partner is not getting satisfied by them physically, I have also seen lot of females approaching the spell caster for this kind of love spell so that they can establish a physical relationship with someone who does not want to get physical with the lady. Hence here is a powerful love spell to make your wishes come true. You would need a male genital candle, a picture of the person whom you want to get physical with, five dragon nails, first you have to take bath to cleanse your body, drain the water away from the bath tub and stay in the bath tub without any clothes, place the male genital candle inside the tub and stick the picture of the person with the help of the dragon nails, light up the candle and cast the below spell five times and each time you finish like the candle thinking it to be the genitals of the man. In five days you will be able to establish a physical relationship with the person whose picture has been used. “snakuslumum bitadusum Iliya ille butum gilum Tupuk tupuk chilium chilium”.

    Powerful spells to get ex back Another very frequently used love spell is all about bringing ex-lover back, it is easy to fall in love with someone but hard to forget the person if he or she ditches or leaves us and goes, it is like a failure which is not excepted, else a mistake or just a wish to get the lover back and leave as in the past, I have seen people who approaches love psychics with these kind of spell requirement are mostly frustrated and broken, sad as well as desperate to make things work for them, a very learned spell caster would always give advice to move on but if the candidate insists then they will provide the service to the same. Below is one of such spell using a very powerful form of magic which is voodoo hence this love spell is one of the very powerful love spells to get ex back. This can be used by either gender to bring back his or her ex. You would need a green lemon and fifteen pins along with a voodoo doll, make sure to purchase a voodoo doll or make one in your home resembling the gender of the person to be bought back. You would also need around 1 oz black mustard seeds and white mustard seeds and a red cloth with five rose petals, a picture or used piece of cloth or a string of hair of the person on whom you want to cast the spell. Using the pins stick the used piece of cloth or hair on the specific body part of the doll, that is hair goes on the head, shirt piece or top goes on the upper body part or jeans and trousers goes on the leg part of the doll, if you have a picture then cut the face from the picture and stick it on the face of the doll, then stick the five rose petals on the doll, one each on the head, face, body, sexual organ and legs, then cut the lemon and squeeze it on the head of the doll to make it wet with lemon juice and stick the white mustard seeds on the head and black mustard seeds on the genitals, wrap the doll with the red cloth and then pin up the cloth using the pins so that it covers the doll completely, make sure no pins are left over and you have used them all. Now one a new moon night, light up a heart shaped candle and keep the doll in front of the candle, close your eyes and imagine the face of your lover and chant the spell written below fifteen times, do it for fifteen new moon days and on the sixteenth new moon day your lover would be back to you forever and ever. “ulumitus nimotutus Mulostimus ninoti Levisunum clothusum bibhantutim Nagarajanum saktitutum Lovum luvus lukus lutim Itamajahus kolaberi dudum”. Thus to sum up, love spells are so strong that it should be always performed under guidance or with the help of experienced spell casters only and can give you quick and fast results and solve mostly all types of your love related problems.

  • Voodoo and Black Magick

    Voodoo spells are better than Voodoo dolls

    Voodoo is a religion which also incorporates practicing magic, in voodoo magic is casted using different tools and ingredients. Since most of the voodoo spells casted would require performing a ritual before the magic could be casted hence many houngans uses voodoo dolls to perform the magic. Love spell is one much talked about magic spell that is much widely used and considered when we talk about magic spells and thus voodoo also practices casting love magic. There are two methods followed in voodoo to cast love magic one is by casting a voodoo love spell and the other by using a voodoo doll. Below we will understand on how these two different methods are used and which one is better and why. When casting a love magic a voodoo priest or priestess will use a voodoo doll, some black mustard seeds, red cloth and some pins along with lemons and vermilion, this voodoo doll is first prepared by attaching a picture, photo or used piece of cloth or hair from the body of the person who needs to be represented, then the rituals are performed using the other items as stated above, at the end of the ritual, some pins are inflicted on the body of the doll so as to inflict the pins on the person’s body and make the love spell come to an active state. Wherein a voodoo love spell is performed using items which might or might not depict the person, when casting a voodoo love spell the houngan would offer flowers and burn incense sticks to the respective deity, then offer a prayer to please the deity, once the prayer is completed the houngan will have acquired some kind of extra power and they would mumble some words which are not understood by others and the love spell is complete. The effects of a voodoo love spells are stronger and lasts more because it is believed that those words that the houngan mumbles are words mumbled directly by the deity who is pleased with the offerings, which means the deity would help achieve a favorable result for the love spell which is casted, moreover since no items depicting any person is used to make a form of that person, hence the love spell cannot be dismantle as in with the use of a voodoo doll, if the doll is broken or taken away by someone else then the effect of the spell can be turned, stopped or ended. Thus it is always preferred that a love magic using voodoo should be casted in the form of voodoo love spells rather than using voodoo dolls. It is also found that magic performed using voodoo dolls can inflict pain or even harm a person whom the doll is depicting, thus it is not much advised or suggested by many voodoo spell casters today. Moreover a voodoo love spell once casted can be also used to make an elixir or talisman which would give a mode quick result if used properly, wherein a voodoo love spell using voodoo doll does not permit making any elixir or talisman. Hence looking into all the aspects of voodoo magic and creation and casting of love spell, it is always preferred that a love magic be casted using voodoo love spell rather than using voodoo doll techniques.

  • Weather Spells

    Mother Nature is very powerful, but dating long back in time it has been observed that their where people who used to cast spells to change the weather. These spells to change the weather where cast to give relief to a group of people, like there is a drought in a village and that people need rain for them to live thus the spell caster would cast spells to change the weather and bring in rain in that particular zone. Since no one can completely control Mother Nature hence even the spell casters can’t for which the spells to change the weather were cast for a specific area only which itself was then closed to only few square miles. Understanding this aspect of how the spells to change the weather would affect a very small region only, it can be clearly made out that spells caster would have to do a lot of hard work and cast a similar kind of spell again and again. Again we should also understand that spells to change the weather were further broken into specific weather spells which are enumerated below.

    Storm Spell

    This spell was used to bring in storm in a particular region and few things that was used to cast the spell included wooden spoon, water, sea salt and a red candle. The technique was to sit under a banyan tree overlooking a barren piece of land then put the water in a bowl, mix the sea salt in it and stir it with the wooden spoon while the red candle gives heat to the bowl of water and while stirring a spell was summoned which ordered and commanded and at times requested mother nature to send in storm to the barren piece of land as much as visible with naked eye, it was believed that storm would bring in fertile soil and spread it over the barren field and make it fertile land.

    Sun in the sky Spell

    This spell was used to remove bad rainy weather or hurricanes and tornados and bring out the sun with a bright and clear sky. Ingredients used were a bowl full of rain water, normal eating salt and an orange candle. The bowl needs to be placed in a place where not even a drop of extra water can touch it as it would be fill till the brim and then the salt needs to be mixed with it, then the candle is placed inside the bowl and lighted up, now the time taken by the candle to touch the surface of the water is recorded and just when the light of the candle is touching the water and before the candles dies out due to water, the spell is cast, requesting sun god to show up, take the flame and heat and light from the candle and glow in the sky.

    Rain Spell

    In medieval ages this was the most used spells to change the weather, since in many places where magic and spells were practiced like those in Africa saw much of drought and famine, thus these spell was largely used to bring in rain in different regions as and when required to save the masses. A dish or saucer was used which was filled up by water from a nearby well, then a black candle was lighted up and placed near the dish or saucer, a spell was cast and rituals were performed to ask for rain as a favor of the offerings made to the rain deity.

  • Black magick spells made easy

    Many people since ancestral times until our day have used and continue to use spells as a way to attract love. However, it is also known as the most feared magic simply for its power and misuse; it is very easy to screw up a spell and end up being affected by it. That is why is so important to have a good framework or method that guides you in a serious and reliable, risk-free way for you. There are lots of love magic spells that are difficult to use for any newbie, so be careful about what you read. That’s why you should carefully read every single thing you read. You better hire help if the case is too difficult. I’m pretty sure that you’ve been in the middle of a love problem more than once. It has happened to all of us at least once. Maybe more times. It is that, together with health and money, relationships are the most important affair in life. Indeed, if success is achieved, whether in the business world or in our professional career, if you do not have that special person with whom you want to share everything, you feel like it’s not worth it. So when a relationship fail or if the other person does not see how special we are, spells and witchcraft may be the solution we seek. Most marital problems can be fixed with black magick. That is why the first step is to calm down and not give in to despair. Often one is very involved and after a break can be devastated. When you shared too many moments with your partner, spent time building a life together, overcoming difficulties to have a project together, it is very painful to suffer for a separation. The heart can be capricious, and it can be painful even if the other person was never in a relationship with you. You know, maybe you secretly love him, but seeing him with another person just makes you suffer. The next thing you need to do is to be clear about the goal you want to achieve. It is not the same if you want to attract your soulmate, or to recover your ex or make that a co-worker fall in love with you. It is because of its versatility that it is the choice for when your love life gets out of control. So, if you decide to do the ritual yourself, you have to consider several things. First of all you must be sure that you want to have the result you wanted in the first place. That is, once you start you will not be able to regret it. It is very important and if you do not respect it can have unpleasant consequences. You may no longer think of that person, but now that person may pursue you all day and night. In addition, you will make it suffer, so it becomes a bad karma. The same when you try to get a job using this kind of magic. If you get a better opportunity and reject the previous one, you can set bad precedents and even end up losing the job you did. Everything will push you towards the result of the spell.

    Some recommendations before cast a black magick spell.

    Be sure of what you want. Remember that the results are permanent and it is not good to play with forces you do not control. Each time you perform a ritual or hire a spell caster, you must be completely sure of the outcome you want to get. Inform yourself. Before doing anything related to magic, especially with black magic, you must know what to do. In addition to being aware of the risks involved. Once you know all the steps to follow, you must comply with each one. A failure and may have weak results, or even make everything worse. Use only the best quality materials. If you want powerful and permanent results, you must use quality elements. You cannot expect everything to go right if you use cheap or used things. In turn, it must be all new. If you use old candles, for example, they may have bad energy and that affects you. Before doing any kind of ritual, perform a cleansing. A cleansing ritual is to remove any negative energy charge that you may have. This is important because in the ritual you must be clean of external forces.


    Remember to be sure of what you want. The key is not to invest emotionally in the ritual, so that there is no interference of any kind. If for some reason, as usual happens with love, you are too involved, it is advisable to hire a professional. A professional will know what to do in each case and in addition that way will be completely safe for you. Also, being someone unrelated with the situation, he will be able to act more coldly. Continue reading our site, or look at the recommendations of spell casters that we have.